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Why Toothpaste is the Best Tool to Hang a Gallery Wall: A Quick DIY

"Toothpaste?!" Yes, toothpaste. Hang with me for a second (pun intended). While most people spend money on picture-hanging kits and laser levels, I learned this nifty trick from a roommate years ago.  Why Toothpaste is the Best Tool 1. Every household already has it. 2. It's a cheap resource. 3. It does not require additional templates, rulers, or guessing. 4. It can be done in a matter of seconds. ______ How to Hang the Gallery Wall with Toothpaste 1. Assuming you have your gallery wall curated, layout all items on the floor near where it will ultimately be hung. 2. Flip all objects over so the hanging points are facing upwards. 3. Place a dab of toothpaste on the hanger, closest to...

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Busy vs. Productive: 3 Keys to Tackling Your Perpetual To-Do List

A friend asks how you're doing, and on autopilot you respond with: "Oh, busy." But actually, I'm trying to re-frame that conversation by instead saying, "Productive!" Busy implies "busy work," which to me implies "filler space." And ain't nobody got time for that!  I'm also commonly asked how I juggle a full-time corporate job with frequent travel, my side business, and an active social life. The truth is, I can't juggle. (No really- at my last leadership training for work we had to do an exercise where the team taught one person (me) how to juggle... and I failed miserably.) I also suck at saying "No," and I quite literally want to design all the things.  So while I'm not...

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Enjoy Your Night Out & Leave This Editable Print For the Sitter

This one is for all of you parents out there! You may love hosting friends & family at your home, but every once and awhile you deserve to get out of the house. Here's a handy FREE printable you can hang on the fridge or frame for your babysitter/nanny. It includes fields to describe your family members (likes, dislikes, food allergies, etc), daily routine specifics (such as meal times and nap/bed times), and your emergency contact information. You can type it all prior to printing, or print a blank copy and hand write details afterward.  INSTRUCTIONS: subscribe your email address here download the file from the link in your welcome email if you have a PDF editing program, you can...

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