Why Toothpaste is the Best Tool to Hang a Gallery Wall: A Quick DIY


Yes, toothpaste. Hang with me for a second (pun intended).

While most people spend money on picture-hanging kits and laser levels, I learned this nifty trick from a roommate years ago. 

Why Toothpaste is the Best Tool

1. Every household already has it.

2. It's a cheap resource.

3. It does not require additional templates, rulers, or guessing.

4. It can be done in a matter of seconds.


How to Hang the Gallery Wall with Toothpaste

1. Assuming you have your gallery wall curated, layout all items on the floor near where it will ultimately be hung.

2. Flip all objects over so the hanging points are facing upwards.

3. Place a dab of toothpaste on the hanger, closest to where the nail will actually go in.

4. Take each frame or object and hover it over the wall until you find the perfect location, making sure the hanger is upright. It's useful to have someone else stand back and verbally guide the other.

5. Once you've got the piece in the perfect place, slowly press it against the wall. 

6. Pull the object back off the wall, to reveal the dab of toothpaste now transferred to the wall.

7. Nail or screw an anchor (depending on the weight of the object) right over top of the toothpaste dot. 

8. Wipe any excess toothpaste off the wall and off the back of the object.

9. Hang the object on the wall.

10. Repeat until complete!


Now can you see how toothpaste can be a super easy, quick alternative to traditional picture-hanging methods? How do you hang objects on your walls?

Need some ideas on what to hang in your gallery wall? Head over to my paisleyPRINTS collection for custom home renderings!

I'd love to see your finished wall! Share over on Instagram by tagging @paisleyproposal and sharing this article with friends & family!


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