Greetings from Columbus, Ohio! I'm Vanessa; family calls me Vaness and friends call me V. Since friends are family, I answer to all three. Laughter keeps me alive, music keeps me sane, and kisses on the forehead give me hope. I don't shake hands, I give hugs. Brand New is my favorite band, and I cried during Mumford & Sons performance at Bonnaroo. You can usually find me within arms reach of my green tea and listening to podcasts while I work. I read magazines from back to front and must eat my M&Ms in color order. I want to name paint swatches & nail polish when I grow up. I have masters degrees in architecture & business, 15 years in the architecture industry, and a decade of experience focused in retail design & branded environments. I'm a retail store designer for a large international apparel brand by day, home goods artist & product designer by night, and a serial DIYer, educator & social butterfly by weekend. paisleyPROPOSAL helps fulfill my insatiable need to design all the things! My ultimate mission is to create frame-worthy art and conversation-starting home goods that help promote authentic sentiment and your pride in home. Thank you for joining me on my creative journey! I'd love to stay in touch, so be sure to join my mailing list or reach out to with any questions!